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The right window treatments control light, create privacy and complete the look of a room. We offer premium custom made curtains, drapes, shades and blinds. Beauty is in details.


Give your favorite furniture a second chance.

Black Out

Focus on your sleep wellness. 100% Black Out. A simple, yet elegant way to dress your windows. Practical and stylish, our Black Outs feature privacy and enhanced light filtration.

Why Kruna Inc.?

  1. Customer Service –  Our employees are always polite, competent and respond quickly. We are there to work for you and take care of you in exchange by doing business with you.
  2. Price –  The cost of quality beyond anything else .
  3. Trust – People put faith in those who care beyond themselves. We do. 
  4. Convenience – Who doesn’t want an experience that’s simple and without friction? 
  5. Reputation – You will only hear good things, word of mouth or positive feedback given from our clients.
  6. Culture – We are the sort of organization, with which you want to be identified with. 
  7. The way we conduct business –  It’s about our operation, procedures, open hours, place and more. It’s about our service.  

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